We began our Studio post 911. The appearance of anthrax in letter boxes across North America spawned the movement towards e-promotion then in its infancy state. Digital design competed with traditional communications messaging, and the Internet commanded attention with a wave of curious new participants.

Macromedia still owned Flash & Dreamweaver the Adobe suite dominated the multi-media industry with the seamless editing suites and software staples Photoshop, Illustrator. With these tools we created original composites combining vector and bitmap storyboards with custom soundtracks.

Judith Rudd

Digital Media Designer / Experiential Marketing
Judith has a wide range of skills, from event and marketing management, to branding collateral and digital design.

Chikako Komatsu

Graphic Artist
Having come from the intense working conditions of design studios in Japan, Chickako is capable of taking on the most demanding jobs in print and graphic design. Her specialty is packaging.

Adam Partington

Interior Design / New Media Artist
Adam chose multimedia as a career path allowing an integration of all the things he loves to do, building, music, film, photography. mixed media arts.